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Why Local Bazaar?

We’ve traveled far and wide, explored some amazing places and met some fascinating people. 

We love travel, culture and beautiful things and want to share these passions with people around the world.

We want to introduce you to the beautiful faces we have met along our travels and tell their stories.

We want to share their passions and their talents with you, some of which have been techniques passed down from previous generations.

We want to create a demand for these crafts before they diminish, as globalization increases and the world becomes more and more homogenized.

We want to create sustainable economies in developing countries to alleviate poverty, increase education and improve overall living standards.

In addition to supporting the artisan and their communities, every purchase will create opportunities for others living in poverty through our Community Works program.

This is a journey we’re only beginning and we would love you to come along for the ride.

Shop with a purpose and spread the love!