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Slowstitch Studio

Slowstitch Studio, based in Chiang Mai, Thailand creates textiles using botanical colors, natural fibers and a blend of traditional and contemporary techniques to create unique hand-crafted works of art. 

Slowstitch Studio is the work of Serge and Ann – two young passionate textile artists whose partnership is the result of a fortuitous meeting in Japan, where both were studying under the same craftsman. Siberian born Serge and Ann from Thailand, are inspired by sustainable ways of living which deeply influences their shared love for indigo, botanical dyes, traditional Japanese dyeing techniques and the beauty of creating things with hands, time and soul. The team are passionate and dedicated to their craft,

"If only more days were like this! Each evening tired and smiling after a full day, walking back in the cool night breeze with a cold beer in one hand and a box of textiles in the other. Happiness!'

Each piece is a labor of love created and taken through a journey of fabric selection, scouring, pattern plotting, stitching, disposal of leftover dye, thread cutting, dyeing and finally pulling. No two items are exactly the same and their uniqueness is celebrated. The name Slowstitch Studio was inspired by pattern plotting and stitching – traditional Japanese textile design techniques which take a lot of time but produce perfect results.

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