Improving Cambodian Living Standards


Basic sanitation for improved health and well-being.

Working with Philanthropy Connections and KAKO (Cambodians Help Cambodians), a small Cambodian NGO (non-governmental organization), Local Bazaar aims to improve living conditions in poor Cambodian villages by working with locals to build toilets and stop the spread of deadly infectious diseases, which continue to endanger children and adults.

Lack of adequate sanitation, which increases the chances of diarrhea and waterborne diseases, has contributed to the preventable death of thousands of children. Areas prone to flooding have also seen a surge in contagious diseases such as Asiatic cholera and intestinal worm diseases as a result of poor sanitation.

Together with KAKO, Local Bazaar aims to build toilets in the most impoverished villages and promote education on good hygiene practices, which will ultimately save the lives of many Cambodian children.