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Dung Jai

Winai Paipong, who goes by the nickname "Yun", works out of his own studio, Dung Jai Ceramics, in the northern Thai city of Chiang Mai. Yun creates high quality stoneware ceramics using techniques like slip casting and hand forming. As a child Yun would dream of one day becoming a craftsman like his father. The word “craftsman” in the Northern Thai language is known as “Salar”. Salar does not only mean a skilled artisan, it also means a technician with wisdom.

Yun's ceramic work is from the heart — taking art from nature to the recipient. Yun's inspiration comes from every day things like food, clothing, agriculture and rice fields which is evident in the colors, textures and forms he uses in his designs. He also draws heavily from his Lanna, northern Thai culture and his rural farming community roots. He enjoys the process of uniquely forming each piece and the beautiful journey it takes from conception to creation. Besides his love of ceramics Yun enjoys spending time with his son and traveling to find new inspiration for his work.

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