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Driving economic growth in rural villages

Ock Pop Tok Is a weaving collective and artisan social enterprise based out of Luang Prabang in Laos which was created by women, for women. At Local Bazaar, we not only showcase some of their brilliant textiles and home decor we also partner with Ock Pop Tok to support their Village Weaver Project.

The Village Weaver Project was established to keep ethnic traditions alive and to create a lifeline for village artisans through market access. Many of the village weavers live in remote rural areas and do not have access to potential customers. The Village Weaver Project focuses on income generation, community development and empowerment.

Ock Pop Tok’s Village Weaver Project is initiated through a local poverty reduction partnership with non-government organisations and Government Institutions. Through careful analysis, support and capacity building artisan partnerships are nurtured into thriving income generation projects which are based on Fair Trade principles. Currently, there are over 500 artisans in the Village Weaver Project and the ripple effect reaches many more Laotian communities.

Together with Ock Pop Tok we are excited to support the empowerment of local artisans, especially women, and to help drive economic growth within local communities. Women often use the money that they earn to invest in the education, health and well-being of their families which in turn leads to healthier and more sustainable communities. 10% of each purchase made through Local Bazaar will go towards assessing the needs and taking action to bring additional community support in vital things such as clean water, education and healthcare.