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Community Support for Burmese Refugees


Community welfare is the key to a brighter future.

Local Bazaar has partnered with Philanthropy Connections to support the community at Koung Jor Shan Refugee Camp. With purchases made through Local Bazaar you will be helping to improve the lives of this inspiring community.

Koung Jor refugee camp is located roughly four hours north of Chiang Mai city on the Thai-Burma/Myanmar border. The camp is home to approximately 400 refugees who fled civil war in Shan State, Burma/Myanmar in 2002. The Shan are an ethnic group from Burma/Myanmar, which have a distinct yet similar culture to Northern Thai people, who unlike the nine other refugee camps in Thailand have not been granted official refugee status in the Kingdom of Thailand.

As aid agencies shift their focus towards supporting people inside Burma/Myanmar, refugee camps and their residents have increasingly been subjected to aid cuts. Community members are not legally permitted to leave the camp to work and are largely dependent on external support as there are limited income opportunities within the camp and work in the surrounding farms is very seasonal.

Funds raised through Local Bazaar will help support basic food costs, support the camp orphanage and local supplementary education initiatives.