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About Us

Local Bazaar is an online platform designed to connect artisans, designers, crafts(wo)men and makers to consumers around the world and, in turn, directly benefit local communities in places where more support is needed. We are passionate about design, sharing stories alleviating poverty with every purchase.

The world is filled with beautiful textiles, ceramics, woodwork and metalwork made by highly skilled people using both traditional and unique methods. At Local Bazaar, we want to bring the handcrafter’s story to life and share their unique skills to people like YOU around the world.

In addition to supporting makers, 10% of each purchase directly benefits community projects in education, healthcare and infrastructure through our Community Works program.


Our Mission

Sourcing & Connecting

We travel far and wide and continually meet fascinating people who make beautiful designs. We want to share these passions and allow people to source high quality design goods for their home from around the world anytime of the day, from any location.


Community Works

Our aim is to create sustainable economies in developing countries to alleviate poverty, increase education and improve overall living standards in places that need more support through every purchase.



All of our products are produced in sustainable and ethical ways. We use only natural materials, and recycled materials as often as possible. Production is also done in ways to lessen the impact on the environment. We believe in fair pricing for all parties involved. Product prices are based on the material cost and Designers' efforts to hand make these beautiful items.