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Mrs Chantee

Energized by her customers’ love of her original designs and a strong commitment to the community she cherishes, Mrs. Chantee weaves handmade products out of the finest raw materials sourced locally in Phonsay Village, Laos. 

Mrs. Chantee not only has appreciation for the financial support weaving provides her family, but the rich tradition it has embedded into the generations before and after her. Having learned the skill from her mother as a girl, she has already begun passing weaving down to her own daughter, who she hopes will perpetuate this trade she holds so dear.

Mrs. Chantee is part of a weaver collective that creates economic opportunities for rurally located artisans in 13 Laos provinces. By working with weavers to develop handicrafts that combine craftsmanship and tradition with artistic creativity and design, the collective helps create thriving village enterprises. 10% of each purchase made through Local Bazaar for a product of Mrs. Chantee’s will contribute to the support of healthier and more sustainable communities through environmental, educational and health care-related improvements.

Mrs Chantee

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