The 8 Most Popular Home Décor Trends for 2018

Imagine a few carefully selected ornaments from lands far away, some lush greenery and perhaps a brass lamp on top of a glamorous dark oak wood cabinet against the black drop of a navy-blue wall and you’ve got 2018’s signature glam retro look! Searching for on-point interior design advice? Read on to find out what’s hot and what’s not in our top 8 décor trends for 2018.

#1 Global Influences

Evoke those priceless travel memories in your home design with colors, patterns and textures inspired by vibrant global cultures. Earthy, natural and rustic are the overarching theme with warm terracotta and celadon serve-ware, soft furnishings with geometric block prints and traditional indigo dyeing techniques.


#2 Let’s Talk Color

Neutral tones still tend to focus around comforting grey pigments but this year big, bold colors are all the latest rage! Rich violet, elegant navy, sultry mustard and moody emerald green are hot colors for walls, furniture and decorative pieces. If those colors aren’t up your street choose your favorite “ice cream colors” (think pastels in peach, coral, vanilla and blue) which are also on trend this year.



#3 The Brass Age

Brass is back! Metallic accents have been top pick for some time but gone are the copper or rose gold and in with opulent brass. Brass is an organic addition to the other modern décor trends and lift any violet or emerald green wall to luxurious perfection.

Photo credit: Gaelle Marcel


#4 Mix n’ Match Textures

From lavish velvet to natural rattan and plenty in between including fringes and tassels - mixing and matching textures is essential to this year’s earthy interior design styles. Whether it be combining different throw cushions, woven wall hanging or that retro wicker sofa don’t be shy to play with different textures and materials - your home will thank you for it!


#5 Head on Over to the Dark Side

2018 invites a move away from the light wood Scandinavian trends of the past few years and embraces the retro glamour and modern luxe style through dark and grainy furniture. Rather than sleek and modern think luxurious vintage.

Photo credit: Nathan Fertig 


#6 Unleash the Jungle

Bring the outside inside with lush tropical green plants. Tropicana is a welcome carry over from last year’s trendy home décor wins and the perfect accompaniment to 2018’s retro, elegant and au-natural look. Don’t just stop with lots of green house plants, pick leafy prints, exotic animals… the list goes on!

Photo credit: Brina Blum 


#7 Raise the Roof

Forget feature walls and go straight to statement ceilings. Interior trends have designers unashamedly decorating the “fifth wall” with loud colors and geometric block print wallpapers. Now there is a whole other “wall” for you to play with!


#8 Shopping with a Purpose

From self-care sanctuaries to vegan abodes, shopping consciously is increasingly on the rise and same goes when it comes to supporting local artisans. As consumers, we are more aware than ever of the life-changing impact we can make by choosing how and where we spend our money. The old adage “vote with your money” rings true in 2018’s interior design styles.

Photo credit: Philanthropy Connections

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